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Entertainment / Gossip - 14 hours ago

Is Oversleeping Good for You?

General consensus states that adults should get at least six to eight hours of sleep. So it should stand to reason that getting more hours of sleep is a good thing. But, is oversleeping good for you? Professional athletes often spend up to 10 hours a...

Entertainment / Gossip - 1 day ago

Signage Every Kenyan Should be Afraid of

Living in Nairobi is an extreme sport; everyone always has to be on toes to make sure they never get played, conned, robbed or generally made a fool of. On top of that, the service industry has its own perils. People have to look out for signage show...

Entertainment / Gossip - 1 day ago

Mwezi House

Mwezi House is a bright and airy 4-bedroom oceanfront home with swimming pool set in 3 acres of walled garden in North Watamu, with spectacular views out over the Indian Ocean. There are four spacious and airy bedrooms, 2 double bedrooms with en-suit...

Entertainment / Gossip - 1 day ago

Help, All the Sperm Comes Out!

Sex is messy You know, everything about sex is a lot messier than you might expect! And that’s especially true of all the secretions involved in making love. As you prepare for sex, you produce quite large quantities of lubricating mucus. So does you...

Entertainment / Gossip - 2 days ago

Why David Oyelowo’s Dad is Simply The Best

David Oyelowo, Nigerian born British actor, was a guest on Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show in April where he shared an anecdote to do with his father. Moving from the UK to Los Angeles came as a bit of a novelty to Oyelowo’s father, as there was more sp...

Entertainment / Gossip - 2 days ago

5 Books to Keep You Warm This Cold Season

Tis the season to seek extra warmth. Typically, this has never been a favourite time of year for Nairobians who have to commute to work in the freezing cold. We are often aware of overcast skies that tease and shy away from confirming whether they ar...