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Entertainment / Gossip - 6 hours ago

Super Mario Game to Be Turned Into a Movie

Super Mario Bros., the popular Nintendo video game featuring two plumbers, is reported to be made into a fun-packed animated movie. Illumination Entertainment who are behind the success of “Minions”, “Despicable Me” and “Secret Life of Pets”, are rep...

Entertainment / Gossip - 4 days ago

Movies That May Be Surprise Hits in 2018

When the philosophy of contemporary cinema became the concept of everyday art, there was a question in which direction this kind of art goes. During the next year, premieres of films with quite sound names are announced. Directors, actors, and produc...

Entertainment / Gossip - 4 days ago

Kirigo Ngarua Reveals Facts on Her TV Layoff

Kirigo Ngarua, an ex-Citizen TV news presenter, for the first time has published some “shocking” facts about her ill-timed exit since she was laid off by Royal Media Services in 2016. Kirigo said her dismiss was a great shock because she...

Entertainment / Gossip - 5 days ago

The Finale at Silvia Navarro’s The Candidate.

The Candidate ended after a short run on Citizen TV. The last episode saw a lot of things happen but the worst of which was seeing Gerardo die. I am all for exploring options when it comes to creative finales but tragic endings are not my favorite. F...