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Living / Fashion - 1 week ago

The Story of My Hair

Behind every hair, is a story, a personal untold story of self-expression, culture, identity, resilience, pride, heritage, or in some instances, a historical significance. Hair is a very personal thing to each one of us and even though it’s jus...

Living / Fashion - 1 week ago

The $6.7M easter egg.

Daily Mail & Could you imaging getting your hands on the world’s most expensive easter gift? The price tag for the most expensive handbag has just come in at a whooping $6.7 million. That’s million with a capital ‘M’ darl...

Living / Fashion - 2 weeks ago

Have you been to the Billion $ Instagram Mall?

Getty & Gone are the days of hours wasted trying on endless outfits, getting confused on what your style may be as you undress under those awkward florescent lights. Instagram just changed the world of fashion forever. They’ve welcomed you...

Living / Fashion - 1 month ago

Zendaya is named Lancome ambassador

Zendaya ihas been announced as Lancome’s latest global ambassador and will follow in the footsteps of Julia Roberts, Kate Winslet, Isabella Rossellini, Penelope Cruz and Lupita Nyong’o. The 22-year-old actress joins the star-studded line...