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Recipes: Light bites for healthier Holidays

By: Family Features For those who are always on the go leading up to the holidays, the season can feel more like madness than merrymaking. From planning get-togethers to building out a perfect menu for the events, there can be difficulties for hosts...

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Holiday Recipes: Old Fashioned with a Twist

Photos courtesy of Getty Images By: Family Features & Cocktail trends may come and go, but one staple remains a fixture on drink menus two centuries after its invention – the Old Fashioned. There are many competing stories about the origins of t...

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Holiday Recipes: Simple sides for entertaining

By: Family Features Preparing side dishes can be time consuming. Save those precious minutes to enjoy the holidays by using refrigerated, never-frozen options like mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, baked apples and even macaroni and cheese that...

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The famous Blue Bottle Coffee to open in Seoul

Blue Bottle Coffee Blue Bottle Coffee announced on Tuesday that it will open in the Seongsu neighborhood of Seoul, South Korea in the second quarter of 2019. The opening will mark the second international move for the Oakland-based company since it l...