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Living / Food & Drinks - 3 weeks ago

How to keep your barbecue safe and delicious

PHOTO: Socializing with friends and family while enjoying Nyama Choma, juicy sausages, and burgers is one of the best ways to enjoy life. But sometimes, these gatherings can be unsafe thanks to poor food handling practices. Wh...

Living / Food & Drinks - 1 month ago

Star chefs in Mexico to defend biodiversity

Star chefs from around the world gathered in Mexico City’s ancient floating gardens for a symposium on saving the world’s threatened biodiversity, a bleak subject they peppered with breaks to savor the local cuisine. Joan Roca of Spain,...

Living / Food & Drinks - 1 month ago

10 Cooking myths that don’t work

by Lyndy Mansfield for All4Women & Just because you heard it on telly, or read it in a magazine, does not always mean that the tip is not a myth … Searing meat seals in juices. In actual fact, searing the outside of meat makes it more por...