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How to Keep Your Marital bed Warm

1. Kiss and make out with your spouse often. 2. Go to bed at the same time as much as possible, not one finding the other asleep. 3. Stay faithful to your spouse. 4. Have pillow talks. Intimate conversations before sleeping. 5. Don’t argue. Al...

Living / Relationships - 5 days ago

What makes a woman sexy?

(By Dayan Masinde) So what makes a woman sexy? 1. “Kissable lips” The kind that makes the man torn between paying attention to what she is saying or kissing her while in the middle of a conversation. 2. “A touchy back” The ki...

Living / Relationships - 1 week ago

How to Spice Up Your Sex Life

& 1. Make sure your spouse never doubts your faithfulness. The number one impediment to a healthy sex life is the thought of infidelity. 2. Treat each other well when sex is not the agenda. A healthy sex life starts when you two are fully dress...

Living / Relationships - 2 weeks ago

11 Actions to fix conflict in relationships

by Carmen Harra We all know relationships take work, but rarely can we imagine just how much work they require … A solid relationship can take years to build and minutes to break … We all know relationships take work, but rarely can we i...

Living / Relationships - 2 weeks ago

9 Signs your boyfriend ISN’T ready to propose

(by Carly Spindel) If you’ve been dating your man for more than a year, you, your mother and everyone else around you are probably wondering when he’s going to propose … If you’re a typical girl, you are likely to have thought about marriage a...

Living / Relationships - 2 weeks ago

The Mistakes People Make in Marriage

Many people do wrong yet they are not aware. Take time to reflect. What kind of a spouse are you? 1. “The Absent one” Do you find yourself spending most of your active time away from home? Do you find yourself desiring to spend less of y...