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I was searching about the above topic earlier this year and needless to say I was so distressed. There was no info at all so I decided to do some site seeing and share my findings with you. 1. Portland Sports Club  Close to Mombasa Road and walking...

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Venue: Wedding grounds in karen. Ideal for garden wedding. Catering : Full buffet catering. Set-up: High peak tents with dressed round tables and chairs. Decor:Church service, reception, cars and bridal party bouquets. PA System: Inclusive of DJ. N...

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Engagement proposal ideas for Kenyans

Ideally, an engagement proposal ought to have as much glamour and zeal as your love for each other as a couple. However, most couples do a watered-down or a shy proposal or overlook it altogether. Engagement proposals are not for the super-rich or c...

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6 Smart Makeup Tips for your Wedding

Makeup has become an essential part of every woman’s life. One feels not only beautiful with it but also complete and confident. It is done by almost everyone daily no matter if you are a working-woman, a student, or a housewife. Being dressed up cor...

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Surpise Baby Shower

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