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News / Citizen - 15 hours ago

NTSA suspends 11 PSV Saccos for noncompliance

National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) on Friday announced the suspension of 11 Public Service Vehicles (PSV) Saccos. According to the authority, the 11 saccos failed to comply with the provisions of section 5[1] of the National Transport and...

News / Citizen - 15 hours ago

United Kingdom, European Union agree on Brexit deal

The united Kingdom(UK) and the European union(EU) have finally come to an agreement on the Brexit deal. If this deal is approved by Parliament, it could mean the end of a long struggle triggered by the exit of the UK from the EU. UK Premier Boris Joh...

News / Citizen - 20 hours ago

President Kenyatta awards charter to Umma University

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday awarded Charter to Umma University after the institution met requirements by the Commission for University Education and the Ministry of Education. President Kenyatta presented the University Charter, Mace, Logo, Se...