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News / MediaMax - 1 day ago

Mahiga Homes wins Global Brands Awards

Real Estate developer Mahiga Homes Ltd has won the 2019 Global Leading Real Estate Developer Brand. The firm which specializes in affordable housing was announced the winner by UK-based ranking firm Global Brands Awards after a rigorous evaluation pr...

News / MediaMax - 3 days ago

Nigeria achieves food security: president

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari said Tuesday the most populous African country has achieved food security with the steady improvement in agricultural production.    Speaking to visiting governors of the ruling party at his hometown of Daura in th...

News / MediaMax - 3 days ago

Fitness and balance

When most people hear of pole dancing, they automatically think of the kind that is performed at night clubs. However, unknown to many, there are different types of pole dancing like the sport and art type. Pole sport and fitness is gaining popularit...

News / MediaMax - 3 days ago

Feathers of fury

For most able-bodied who cite lack of time as an excuse not to engage in any physical activity, pillow fight is a game not to be missed. Not long ago, revellers from California in the United States decided to embrace the child in them by taking part...

News / MediaMax - 1 week ago

Superfoam triumphs at inaugural e-commerce sites awards

The Kenya ecommerce awards feted local companies with exemplary performing ecommerce websites at the inaugural ecommerce awards 2019. The pomp-filled awarding ceremony took place on Friday evening at MovenPick Hotel, Nairobi, where the honored winner...