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Opinion / Ask Kirubi - 1 month ago

Ask Kirubi: Draw Your Future

I am a firm believer of the phrase that nothing good is ever served on a silver platter. Great success in your personal and professional life cannot be achieved without putting yourself out there. All successful people will definitely have a story t...

Opinion / Ask Kirubi - 6 months ago

Ask Kirubi: Know your worth

I have said it time and time again that I employ mostly for attitude and train for skill. If you have a guy without the right attitude, their skill will not help you because they are irrelevant to your business. Most times it’s not the person that is...

Opinion / Ask Kirubi - 7 months ago

Ask Kirubi : The beginning

Happy New Year friends. I believe like always, most of us are excited to begin a New Year and look forward to the great opportunities it will bring forth. Moreover, I understand that some may not be as excited due to some unforeseen circumstances but...

Opinion / Ask Kirubi - 8 months ago

Ask Kirubi: Change is worth the cost

Last week I wrote about not compromising the quality of the goods and services you provide or purchase if all all you want to achieve the best result. This week, I discuss how sometimes you must effect change to get the best. Change will inconvenien...

Opinion / Ask Kirubi - 8 months ago

Ask Kirubi: Go for gold

Cheap is very expensive and I’m sure many of us have learnt the hard way. If you pay very little, DON’T expect quality work. Appreciate people for their experience and their time. Very many employers fail to see this yet they wonder why...