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Opinion / Blogs - 2 days ago

Learn how to conduct politics without disrupting lives

I spent a cold one week this past week oscillating between Belgium and the Netherlands. Amid the biting chill, these are a warm and industrious people

Opinion / Blogs - 3 days ago

Should we be worried about the new Wuhan coronavirus?

The World Health Organisation has postponed its decision about whether to classify the new Wuhan coronavirus as a global health emergency. It wants to gather more information and met again at midday on Thursday in Geneva (late Thursday night, Austral...

Opinion / Blogs - 4 days ago

Lessons on how to effectively tackle insect invasions

Kenyan food production and grazing land is under threat from a huge desert locust invasion. The insects are currently in two counties in northern Kenya and are now spreading to other Kenyan regions including Meru, Laikipia, and Rift Valley. The gover...

Opinion / Blogs - 1 week ago

Who will be the punching bag in 2022 elections?

The object of aggression in the 2022 election will either be Uhuru Kenyatta or William Ruto

Opinion / Blogs - 2 weeks ago

MISS SPICY: Annoying questions that should’ve been left in 2019

Sometime in 2019 just before the year came to a close, I had coffee with two friends; a lady and a guy. The lady was in a relationship where the husband beat her up like a bag of beans (sic). By the way, domestic violence can leave you not only with...