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Opinion / Mashada - 2 weeks ago

BLOG: Important lessons motherhood has taught me

I recently read a post by a mum-to-be on a popular social media group for mothers asking for handouts for transport to get her to hospital as she was in labour. Women came in their droves to bash her for not planning accordingly since labour and birt...

Opinion / Mashada - 1 month ago

Joyce Anyiso: I never thought I would be an MCA at 25

Less than one year ago, 25-year-old Joyce Anyiso, was an of Information Technology student at Mount Kenya University. Full of hope that she would become an IT expert someday, becoming a Member of County Assembly was the last thing on her mind. Today,...

Opinion / Mashada - 2 months ago

FASHION: How to always keep it classy and elegant

Have you seen women who always look so simple polished and graceful and sophisticated all at the same time? Their style is so ingenious and flows effortlessly. They have mastered how to keep it classy and elegant. The secret emanates from the points...