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Science & Tech / Kachwanya - 2 days ago

Internet Banking- Meet First Internet Bancorp

First Internet Bancorp operates First Internet Bank of Indiana as a bank holding company. It is one of the very first state-chartered, FDIC-insured banking institutions that doesn’t have any brick and mortar locations. You might be thinking, “Slow do...

Science & Tech / Kachwanya - 2 weeks ago

Why IEBC is not to blame and Politicians are

As we await  the final results…if not all, most Kenyans can attest to the impact technology seen in the 2017 election from voting to relying to tallying and to announcing. Despite IEBC receiving bashing from almost all political parties vying for the...

Science & Tech / Kachwanya - 2 weeks ago

LG’s new Microwave could replace your Chef

For a long time, many have longed for the future of tech-enhanced cooking where appliances can simply enhance their lives and save their energy by providing a personalized solution to all their kitchen related needs. LG Electronics, first to align it...