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Science & Tech / Science - 1 year ago

Long rains to be short and scattered – Met

The country is expected to receive poor rains in the March-April-May long rain season, but flooding may also occur in parts of Budalang'i. Kenya Meteorological Department acting director Peter Ambenje said flash floods may occur in Western. He said...

Science & Tech / Science - 1 year ago

Higher food prices due to drought, shortage

Kenyans are paying more to put food on the table& due to the raging drought and a cutoff of grain imports from neighbouring countries, the National Drought Management Authority has said. This has triggered a drastic increase in food prices, pushing...

Science & Tech / Science - 1 year ago

Maasai group ranches unease over land bill

Shuka-clad Maasai youths have for years driven their cattle to quench thirst at the nearby enkoitokitok, which means a bubbling spring, in the Amboseli plains north of Kilimanjaro.The grazing area is hemmed on one side by the snow-capped Mt Kilimanja...