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Science & Tech / Techweez - 1 day ago

The Next-Gen Managed Network Security

MTN Managed Firewall Security Solution takes a collaborative approach across entire network infrastructure to enable security administrators deploy a broad and dynamic defense strategy for the long term. Read On Web → The Next-Gen Managed Network Sec...

Science & Tech / Techweez - 2 days ago

Safaricom Reverse Call Feature is Live

A few days ago, we got wind of Safaricom’s plan to launch a reverse call product. The service, which is not new especially for folks who used old school telephones when requesting for a call back via an operator, has gone live for Safaricom customers...

Science & Tech / Techweez - 2 days ago

Huawei Y9 Prime 2019 Nears Kenya Launch

Huawei continues to sell millions of phones across the globe, and while its strained relationship with the U.S. is marked by a bleak future, the Chinese technology corporation has not slowed down manufacturing phones and popularizing its upper hand i...

Science & Tech / Techweez - 2 days ago

The Strategic Uses of Technology

In modern society, the use of technology is becoming more prominent in offices, schools, recreation, and even in our own homes. The reach of technology encompasses almost every aspect of human life besides the parts of the world that are less western...