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4 days ago

Moji Short Baba finally weighs in on Dk’s rape allegations

DK Kwenye Beat and HopeKid were trending online for a week, after a blogger exposed them as having raped and infected a lass with Herpes. The Furi Furi hitmaker got into more drama when he defended himself in an interview with fellow singer Size 8, w...

4 days ago

‘Help him find Free Mason club’ Susumila seeks to help fan

Susumila, one of the most famous artistes from Mombasa is facing serious accusations. One of his fans sent the musician a DM (Direct Message) begging for his help to join the freemason club. The fan based on his question appears to be sure that Susum...

4 days ago

What?! Another EMB Records member calls it quits

If there is one guy who is wondering what is happening, it is Bahati. Life at EMB Records has taken a huge turn after two of Bahati’s top artistes quit and now his right-hand man, Kioko, is out! Kioko as seen on the show ‘Being Bahati...

4 days ago

There is hope at EMB! Bahati signs top gospel artiste

Just when we thought it was all over at EMB Entertainment, there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel for Bahati. Last week was tough for Bahati after two of his main artistes signed to the label, decided to take a bow and leave. A source...

5 days ago

Game Of Throne Season eight cast list leaked!

The hotly-anticipated final season of Game Of Thrones is set to return on April 14. And a cast list for the opening episode has allegedly been leaked on Friday, revealing the surprising return of some familiar faces. According to Watchers On The Wall...

5 days ago

‘Tell her I’m married sitaki!’ Njugush exposes Kate Actress

Kate Actress and Njugush are close friends and you can tell from all the social media posts they share of the two families having a good time. Kate, who is married to director Phill, and Njugush who is married to Celestine ,have been doing several pr...